Seems Imo State Governor Is Having Another Issue With A Different Body Entirely

No, it's not the market women/people! The organised labour in Imo State has warned the state government to jettison its plans to relocate workers in the state to rural areas and convert the state secretariat to other uses other than what it was built for.

In a letter to the state governor, Rochas Okorocha, dated August 21, 2017, which was jointly signed by the state’s NLC Chairman, Austine Chilakpu; his Trade Union Congress counterpart, Akalazu Paul; and the Joint Negotiation Council Chairman, Aloy Iwuanyanwu, and made available to journalists on Thursday, the unionists argued that the synergy among ministries and departments in the state would disappear immediately if they were made to operate from different locations in the state.

The labour leaders said the plan would inflict untold hardship on citizens of the state, who would no longer be able to conclude transactions involving two or more ministries or agencies in one location.

“Added to the above, the workers will be plunged into abject poverty and the risk of having to travel from one location to another (should also be considered). They will also have to make arrangements for new accommodation for their families and new schools for their children,” the statement said.

They also expressed worries that workers in the state had been paid a fraction of their salaries since January 2016, adding that it would be difficult for them to travel long distances new places of work, and so on.

The statement said, “There have been persistent rumours about the above subject matter for some time now. Initially, the state’s organised labour regarded it as politically motivated because it was this administration that renovated the secretariat.

“In case there is an iota of truth in this rumour, organised labour in the state will not be favourably disposed to it, as it is not labour friendly and at the same time, it is counterproductive.”


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