You Are 40 But Can't Boast Of A Quarter Of My Achievements, Rosy Meurer Blasts

Lmao, oh dear! If Rosy is truly 25, then people need to forgive her, she is still learning in life, and so she does not know the meaning of her first lines, loool. Forgive me too! Lmao... sigh! So Rosy, Queen of Queens as she fondly calls herself, just joined the league of movie producers in Nigeria and we were happy for her, until she dropped the bombshell.

Rosy took to IG to talk about how she met Tonto Dikeh's ex, Olakunle Churchill, how he told her to stop being a baby and learn how to be responsible, and today she is a movie producer... The story just goes on and on. Do read it all after the cut.

It never even crossed my mind to turn pro already at the age of 25 with great achievements that you at 40 can't even boast of a quarter. I was never ready to do anything, Grew up with all of the luxuries life had to offer anyone. I always thought I would continue to be a spoilt kid, daddy's little girl, Mommy's handbag, got whatever she wanted whenever she wanted just by bending my neck or pointing at stuff and giving my puppy eyes and everything just came whether I needed it or not but life has a way of molding you into what you least expect. Loosing a parent at the age of 9 was the beginning of reality when things just went from 100 to 50 which meant not everything would be as rosy cuz I had two younger ones that my mom had to take care of as well and I was the first child which means sacrifices and more responsibilities. Grew up faster than my age and I was fortunate enough to have the right people around me, supporting and advising me, encouraging me and teaching me how to grow into a strong woman. That's when @bigchurchhaven said to me "if you want to enjoy the luxuries of life, if you want to be successful, you have to work hard for it, you have to be determined, you need to focus, you need to stop being a baby, you need to make a move and do what you love the most" he said you have your younger ones looking up to you and sooner or later you will have to take charge and take care of your family. He told me few reality stories of him and other people he knew and it inspired me a lot. So today I can proudly say I didn't just turn a Queen, I've been a Queen from birth sent from heaven with a great purpose in life to perform good deeds and touch as many lives in the littlest ways that I can. I am grateful to God cuz he never for once abandoned me or put me to shame at any point in my life. I appreciate God and he knows that I do. I don't live the holier than thou life but I have God inside of me and I know he knows my heart. Sooooooooo long story short I just want to appreciate God for strength, I want to appreciate my mother, my siblings for their love and understanding and also my boss Mr Churchill for being there for me and my siblings over the years. ☺️❤


It's indeed a dream come true to join the league of movie producers. The journey to this feat is not smooth but with determination and consistency I was able to conquer with the release of my very first movie from the stable of Rosaline Meurer Productions LTD. Yes! "The Therapist's Therapy" is a must watch movie that will hold you spellbound to the last action...I give all thanks to God, to my team and partners for the collective effort. @1soulmusicfilm @lilianesoroo @freddieleonard @iamnino_b @freshprincefelix #nollywood #everythingrosy #rosykisses #QueenOfAllQueens👑

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