I Run Away From Women Who Demand S-x From Me - Akin Lewis

Veteran actor, Akin Lewis, has been a household name since he was 22 years old. But unknown to many, at a point in his life, he became an evangelist. But before then, he had his fair deal with women knowing he is a fine man.  Lewis had a chat with Ademola Olonilua and answered this question;

How do you relate with your female fans?

I always run from women. We can hang out but when it is getting personal or sexual, then I take a bow and leave. If I had to sleep with every woman that had approached me since I started this work, I probably would be dead by now. At this level, my wife is more like my companion, we talk and she gives me sound advice. At a particular age, I was not interested in advice but to just jump into the car and head to the club. I have always run away from women, I mean I literally run from them. We can be friends but when it is becoming something else, I run.

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