Men Who Have Performed Oral S*x On Five Or More Partners Risk Cancer

Men who have performed oral sex on five or more partners have the highest risk of HPV-related head and neck cancer, a new study shows.

While the current rate of diagnoses is low - affecting just 0.7 percent of the male population - researchers at Johns Hopkins warned men may not be aware that they have a far higher risk than women, especially if they smoke.

The study, released today, is the latest piece of evidence to show that boys do need the HPV vaccine as much as girls - and in some cases it is more pressing for males.

When the vaccine was first rolled out, it was only provided to teenage girls to protect them from HPV-related cervical cancer.

But data suggest the incidence of oropharyngeal cancer will overtake cervical cancer in the US by 2020 - and sexually active men have a high risk.

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