Why I Won't Show The World My Wife - African China

African China in a chat with Sunday Scoops has explained why he hasn;t let the world see the face of his wife or that of his children, saying he believes his family business is VERY PRIVATE. He also spoke about their distance relationship....

“The reason many celebrity marriages fail is because the people involved often forget to leave their celebrity status outside the door. There is a lot of ego play and this undermines relationships. I do not want my wife’s face to be everywhere, then people would begin to say all sorts. I am very certain that most people in the industry don’t know what my wife looks like. We planned it from the onset that my wife and children would stay outside the country, while I would remain here to hustle.”

On how he copes in her absence, he said, “I simply go over there to meet her anytime I miss her, or feel like seeing her. Though it may not be as often as I want but anytime I’m free, I just travel without letting anybody know my movement.”

As a well-known face, it is certain that a lot of ladies would want to be around him, so how does he cope? He said, “None of these girls know that I and my wife live apart; I keep it low key. It’s just that you’re the one that would expose me now, and if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t even know. Whenever people ask me, I usually tell them that I’m living with my wife.”

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