Isiocha Churchill

It is not often that you see politicians retain and empower their faithful to the point of even measuring up with their own status, but Governor Okorocha has done that and will continue to do that. He has raised so many men up and continues to raise more men. Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere, the loyal and consistent deputy governor of Imo State is one of the oldest of such men. For him, he has no other political Party, but Governor Rochas Okorocha. He is ready to swim or drown with the man who saw him in faraway United States of America and asked him to abandon whatever what he was doing and follow him. He does not fail to tell anyone who cares to listen that he has never had cause to regret hearkening to that call. Madumere is untaintably loyal, and this, for the disgruntled politically displaced, is an impeachable offence.

Prince Madumere is one of the few men who have risen to very great heights, yet does not forget who gave him the ladder. The opposition in the State had tried many strategies to inject bad blood between him and his boss, and even his younger brother, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, by insinuating all manners of baloney, but the Mbieri royal prince is unshaken. He knows the man whom he has served for two decades and knows what God has done for him through that man.. For the desperate oppressors, Madumere should be impeached for staying true to himself and being conscious of his history.

Madumere could have made himself available to be used to penetrate the impermeable Okorocha political family, but he has continued to ward off all the smelly flies that come with nothing but doom. He knows that these flies are already dead, politically, hence looking for whom to drag along with themselves to their graves. He has been wise enough to avoid mixing himself up with a group of people condemned to perpetual political near successes - unless they retrace their steps.

Prince Madumere has remained loyal to the people oriented visions of His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha. He has continued to present himself as a true ambassador of the Rescue Mission family, wherever he goes to. Like every true Rescue Missionary and Rochasian,  Madumere is not corrupt, he is humble, humane and honest. These qualities are undesirable to the dangerous group of oppressors who hate the fact that Imo has become better and will continue to get better. Yes that's why they want Madumere impeached and yes, Madumere is UNIMPEACHABLE.

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