Hon. Demian Ifeanyi Igbokwe

For a while now, I chose to study the Southeast political happenings and goings-on with particular regards to where my people will love to stand come 2019 and even beyond that electioneering year. I also felt I ought to be quiet about everything political until I was convinced of the choice our people should truly make in the next election season.

The two recent political events that happened in the Southeast (Anambra election and the Abia APC Rally),especially in relation to political participation and Party identification for the Igbo, to my mind, have knocked home some critical realities on what is expected to play out in that magical year 2019. Yes, magical! To paraphrase Phino Phyno, "o ga eme some people vuu n'anya".
But, on a more serious note, I see such tsunamious political turnaround in the Southeast that I can authoritatively write that Igbos have already become APC. Again, you can take this to the bank, at least two sitting Governors are joining the Party from the Zone before this year zeroes out. When that eventually happens, remember I told you first!

Of a truth, I became an Igbo man by divine arrangement and will always be proud to say it loud that I am Igbo. When I take a look at where we are coming from and where we are now, I tend to seriously agree that our political class has overtime toyed with our mindset so much that we now do not even know the meaning of an ideal society where rights are distinct from privileges.

Countries that undermine their middle class do that at their own peril. If you ask me, that was exactly what the PDP did when it was in power for a whopping 16yrs of uninterrupted (mis)leadership!. The connected rich became very much richer and the struggling class became much much poorer, while merely existing on the handouts and at the mercy of the stupendously rich. This scenario played out for such a long time that at a time the poor became very comfortable taking what seemed to them some kind of perpetual freebies from the so-called rich, who had plundered the public till blue-black and hidden their evil proceeds in most unimaginable places, including emergency soakaways and septic tanks. That was the story until PMB took over the reins of governance and emphatically made sure that no thief that has depleted our commonwealth will ever have the bizarre effrontery to flaunt it at our face again.

Things might be slow coming, but, for sure, they are happening. For instance, I went through the Southeast roads during the Christmas and New Year holidays. I can emphatically attest that the Buhari Administration has done so well in fixing what the PDP played politics with for over 16yrs.
The Enugu-PH Expressway has gone over 65% as work in progress, while its Enugu- Onitsha counterpart is not left out of the same midas touch. The 2nd Niger Bridge was politicised until the coming of this Administration. I say ditto for other areas in the Southeast and parts of Jonathan's Southsouth.

That is why I usually insist that it does not matter where the man comes from,what does matter is his performance. If it will take a Buhari from the Northwest to sign the contract to clear Ogoni land and do the notorious East-West Road, imagine what a Dr.Uche Ogah governorship will do in Okezie Ikpeazu's Ngwaland. But I digress here. This is a matter for another day,folks.

So, the above and many more are the issues President Muhammadu Buhari is working on day and night to address. But, as usual, it seems that the PDP has made some of my Igbo brothers blind to even the most tangible realities in the land and, therefore, find themselves very comfortable in hell while other neighbouring States are already out of it.

It was only in the PDP -led government that time was static in this nation. My Southeastern brothers should understand that campaigns are different from reality, they are just imaginations that the PDP government actually leveraged on to hoodwink the gullible and shallow minded while handing Nigerians empty sacks for their petro-dollars! Times have, indeed, changed and the sooner we the Igbo realise that the better.

The Igbo nation, as a matter of urgency, has accepted to queue into the Party at the centre to afford us the platform for Igbo Presidency come 2023.In fact, with the way things are going, we cannot afford to do otherwise; we are too far behind to shillyshally any longer on the road we must take. The best time to plant an oak tree was twenty years ago!

The campaign of calumny by some, especially, PDP apologists, who have made a pastime of naming APC an Hausa/Fulani party, is nothing but an empty struggle to get back the cake they had eaten and the goodwill of the good people of this great nation which for sixteen good years they squandered and sacrificed on the altar of megalomaniac avarice. Igbo must not give in to their new preachments.

One good Senior citizen of this country whose opinion I have come to respect over time tells me that if the PDP had been in power since 2015, with the kind of dwindled oil revenue PMB has seen in the past three years,no Nigerian Public Servant would have been any where near salary in the past two and half years. I believe him hook, line and sinker! I have 2014 Nov/Dec salary in some Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Govt in my mind; my wife is a Public Servant, you know. So, Southeast, shine your eyes politically.

We should jettison the idea that PDP is an Igbo Party and be quick to realise that a Party is only as good as the man who has its ticket. We should also know that regional Party politicking will not give us the Igbo Presidency come 2023.A broad-based political participation is our surest route to Presidency. This can only be actualised by supporting PMB and the APC for 2019 and by 2023, our case will be a solidarity one.
God bless the South east!
God bless Nigeria!

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