Nigerian Christians need to wake up

- Goddy Emezue

It is easy to applaud el Rufai - the Governor of Kaduna State - for sacking the so-called 'illiterate' teachers.

Investigations show that most of them are Christians and so could have been marked to fail the tests given.

It is being envisaged that Islamic teachers would be employed to replace the sacked ones.

Whether we like it or not, Nigeria is on the verge of being submerged by Islam. To compound issues, most churches are busy building awe-inspiring auditoria and brandishing materialism (prosperity) as if it is the main indicator of genuine 'born-againism'. As in GET BORN AGAIN and BECOME RICH.

All I know is that the mumu of Christian leaders and Christians don dey reach a debilitating point. Our docility is becoming suicidal.

Church leaders misapply church resources. Evangelism and conversion of souls are relegated to the back ground. The result is that we don't have Christians in the corridors of power to defend Christianity.

At a point in the course of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah instructed the builders to carry arms (Nehemiah 4:15-17). This was in spite of his knowledge of the awesome powers of God.

When the evil chips are down, we may not have any spaces to park our cars and private jets. Islam as at today has the weaponry to convert our Church universities and auditoria to islamic schools and mosques.

Let us  PRAY against evil and also PREY on evil!

Ekwuchabegighim! But ka m kwusigodi ebe a.

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