OBJ – The Rocket Man

So it was my great friend, Donald Trump, who labelled our mutual friend in North Korea, the Rocket Man. Today, our own Rocket Man is Olusegun Obasanjo for his penchant of writing letters at strategic times with maximum impact. When I saw the pictures of OBJ celebrating his Ph.D, I knew we were in trouble. When the man never get doctorate, he dey fire missiles. Now na rockets o. I quickly downloaded the letter and read it four times.

It was designed for maximum impact mentioning Maina, nepotism, inability to understand the economy, inability to understand the political structure, herdsmen and as a result he invited Buhari to join him on the sidelines and coined a new phrase in the process, dismount from the horse or something like that. PDP was not spared as he reminded us of how he tore their identity card and then finally asked for a coalition of middle people, thereby endorsing them Olisa Agbakoba group.

He even offered to join the group. He also reminded us that he had been jailed before and as an ‘’ekun’’ nothing can happen to him. Well, he has written and as usual Nigerians will go into a frenzy, abusing him, supporting him and generally having parties over his latest write-up. OBJ, if I know him very well, will be in the other room exercising his rights while the rest of us tear ourselves apart like cats over a ball of wool. The Presidency has reacted rightly by refusing to hurriedly respond. They should take their time o, consult widely before responding. And while doing that they should address the issues OBJ raised o. Let me rehash it here in case Femi Adeshina no see am well – nepotism, Maina, herdsmen, the economy, the political situation.

They should not attempt to go personal. No worry whether OBJ has moral authority or not. Don’t worry whether he has pot belle or that his son abused him. Let’s just face the issues he has raised otherwise he will win o. If I know him well, he will wait for your response and then take aim and fire another one. Please expect six more letters. So I think you should set up a committee – OBJ response team- with the sole aim of countering these attacks. Make no mistake about it, the war has started. You cannot beg this one o. You cannot bribe this one o. You cannot arrest this one o. This is what Yoruba people call ‘’ebo’’. Let’s start work, Buhari. There is nothing that prayer cannot do. But if you ask me, this is real problem o. I pity you o. kai. OBJ na masquerader. Maybe we should ask George Weah for help o; just saying sha.

ISALE EKO Celebrates Akinwunmi Ambode
As a bona fide Shomolu man and by extension, a Lagosian, I continue to enjoy the good works of my friend, Akin. You will be surprised that I call him by his first name. It is because we share Shomolu together. For those of you who do not know, His Excellency Akinwunmi Ambode, was at some point the treasurer at our local government in Shomolu. So, we claim him. His good works continue to astound Nigerians. This is why the producers of Isale Eko, the phenomenally successful play that was put up last May at the Muson Center and which had thousands of Nigerians come out to watch to celebrate Lagos have decided to celebrate not only our amiable governor but to also use it as a platform to further showcase his developmental works in this our state. The play will come up on his birthday with some of the most iconic thespians, led by the legendary Yemi Shodimu, on stage. Producers remain myself – the Duke of Shomolu and the great Olisa Adibua. Isale Eko –ite siwaju …………

Don Pedro ’Slaps’ Olamide
I suspect I have written too much today. But let me state very quickly here that Don Pedro has a point in his video clip against Olamide’s song – Science student. Please drugs KILL. See what fufu and afang is doing to me, talk less of all these things I am hearing our children are taking. Let’s stay clear of drugs. Let’s not eulogise it and let’s fight it. Thank you.

Let’s Impeach this President
I did not vote for him as I had applied a siddon-look posture. I had listened to all his campaign speeches and promises, comparing same to his pedigree and capacity, I did not see a nexus. I was very confident in my belief that this particular person will not be able to deliver on this promise. What we needed was a concise action in the face of a continuous decline in our state of affairs. True to my predictions, since he came on board, things have gone awry. The way the man has been going about things has left even people like us who did not expect much to cringe with worry. The siddon-look policy is no longer working as we all must join hands in salvaging this situation. There seems to have been a collective agreement by all to work against the rule of law. Inordinate ambition with no capacity is a dangerous mixture and what you get is this kind of situation where everything goes and who suffers. It’s the same people who rooted for his election.

So as the Duke of Shomolu I have decided to stand up for history and fight for the future because of the next generation. We must impeach this President; the President of our Estate. The man no even know what time it is. …wait o, were you guys thinking I was talking about OUR President Buhari? Aghhhhhhhh see people who do not like me. Wetin concern me with that one, na our Estate President I dey talk about o. The man is just there and that is why I am working for his impeachment. The other day, he was screening the young girls who poured out of the Estate early in the morning by 5am after a whole night of debauchery and since I am now an avid jogger, I will jog to the estate gate to count and see how many are light-skinned and then this President now has vowed to stop the parade. You see why he must go abeg, my mama na widow o, wetin concern me with Buhari.

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