By Collins Ughalaa

"Fear you not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD which He will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see them no more forever" Exodus 14:13.

Somehow, Imo people are beaming with joy looking into 2019. To many people it is surprising that a people faced with the worst governance system in the annals of the state could find the strength from somewhere and forge ahead, full of life, in the presence of suffocating government policies. For the curious mind, the reason is very simple: "The Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see them no more forever". 

This assurance strengthens Imo people, and of course, Ndi Imo can do all things through Christ who strengthens them, for the joy of seeing the Egyptians no more forever is their strength. Moreover, God's promises do not fail and His words cannot come back to him void.

Like Pharaoh did not take the clear warnings from God and pursued the Israelites to the Red Sea, the Okorocha government is also behaving true to the dog that has lost the smell of excreta, and as they push and pursue the people to the Red Sea, God would make a way for them to pass over. But not so for the Egyptian Army and their Pharaoh!  

God's judgement doesn't come for nothing. Therefore, I present sterling reasons Uche Nwosu will not be Governor of Imo State in 2019.

1. HE IS NOT PREPARED: Don't let anyone deceive you that Uche Nwosu is prepared to be the Governor of Imo State in 2019. He is not prepared at all. Igbo people have a saying that when someone is given something to share, if he shares it very well, next time he would be given another thing to share. Biblically, it is said that if a man is faithful in smaller things he would be faithful in much. In 2015, Uche Nwosu for any reason emerged the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo State. By that time Governor Okorocha was contesting the presidential primary election of the APC. He lost to President Buhari. After his shameful loss, he returned to Imo State. What happened? Uche Nwosu relinquished the governorship ticket of the APC to him. 

Moreover, Uche Nwosu is inexperienced. He does not have the experience needed to be Governor, having not acquired the experience of the nitty-gritty of managing diverse human beings and other resources. His work exposure is highly limited and unimpressive. And no one can rely on his being Chief of Staff to Governor Okorocha to mean gaining any meaningful experience, since he had not handled any major assignment, or as they say it, since he has not carried files. Especially as he became Commissioner and Chief of Staff not by any competitive process as when one gets a job, but on the ground that he is the son-in-law to the Governor 

Be the judge: is such a person prepared to be your Governor in 2019, or is Governor Okorocha trading off Imo State governorship to him to fulfill a bargain? Is Imo State a merchandise? Is Imo State for sale?

2. QUESTIONABLE WEALTH: Most people in Imo State would like to know how Uche Nwosu became stupendously rich. This same Uche Nwosu, it was reported by FCC Jones Onwuasoanya, sat for the 10,000 graduate jobs interview in 2010 and failed. He also said that Uche Nwosu did not have more than N100,000 in his bank account as at that time, and that he was driving a rickety car then. This is moreso judging from the report that the only place he had worked was the Rochas Foundation College, not as a teacher but PA.

And suddenly Okorocha becomes Governor of Imo State. Uche Nwosu marries his first daughter. Uche Nwosu becomes Commissioner for Lands. Later he becomes Chief of Staff to the Government House. Suddenly he becomes rich. How come? If we do not place our hands on the source of wealth of those who seek to govern us, we would be leaving our common wealth to rogues.

3. UCHE NWOSU DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TEMPERAMENT: Governor Okorocha's son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, does not have the right temperament to be the Governor of Imo State. Imo State is made up of intelligent people who hold the government accountable on its policies and actions at all times. They often disagree with the government and mount pressure on the government to do the right things. But the Okorocha government has become non-receptive to these dissenting views and has of recent used the security agencies in the state to cow opposing views and truncate a peaceful public protest.

Don't be carried away by his broad smiles. They are not what they seem. It is a farce, a facade. He borrowed it from his father-in-law who smiled broadly in 2010/2011 and hoodwinked Imo people. Governor Okorocha went on to buy and eat corn, akara, hop from one keke to the other, etc; but it was all a bid to acquire power. Today we have seen what power means to Governor Okorocha and his cronies.

Having started with philathropy, posing for photographs and wearing broad smiles, Uche Nwosu has borrowed a leaf from Governor Okorocha. He will soon start hugging people on the streets and roads. He will soon start roasting and eating corns on the streets, eating akara, etc. But Ndi Imo cannot be fooled the second time.

But bear in mind that under Uche Nwosu there will be no press freedom. He does not accommodate contrary opinion. He sees himself as a demigod. 

Recently, a top government official was reported to have had an issue with a prominent youth leader and social media influencer in the state who cried out that his life was under threat. The reason for the threat was because the top government official felt that the fellow spoke to him and his wife the way he should not have spoken to them. 

What then can we say about the Publisher of Community Watchdog newspaper, Comrade Precious Nwadike, who has lamented that his life has been under constant threat. He had also lamented attempts on his life. And recently he lamented that his newly set-up Orlu office was vandalized. He accused no one else but Uche Nwosu. 

If top government officials could behave in this manner, what Uche Nwosu could do to suppress contrary views and those holding them if he becomes Governor in 2019 can only be imagined. The best way to stop this trend, therefore, is to ensure that Uche Nwosu does not become Governor in 2019.

4. NOT COMPASSIONATE: Uche Nwosu is wearing the toga of a compassionate man, but he is not. He does not care about the feelings of others, and any acts of charity done by him is just a political gimmick to hoodwink the gullible. It is noteworthy that since the Okorocha government started the unnecessary demolition of the properties of Imo people, Uche Nwosu has backed them all without offering some kind words to those who go through the government-inflicted pain and poverty. 

Of particular mention is the killing of 10 years old Somtochukwu Ibenusi who was killed on Saturday 20th August 2017, during the demolition of Ekeukwu Owerri Market. Uche Nwosu has seen nothing wrong with it. He has said nothing. How would he feel if that boy was his son? If such a young boy who was gunned down in his prime does not force tears down the eyes of Uche Nwosu, then his skin must have been made of iron, not flesh; his heart must have been made of stone and perhaps chained down to the apron string of his father-in-law.

5. NOT INDEPENDENT MINDED: The worst Governor any people could have is one who does not have a mind of his own. Uche Nwosu does not have a mind of his own. You know the stability of a man's public life by the stability of his private life. 

If a man cannot be in charge of his family, the Bible says he is more than a reprobate. A story is told how a top government official is constantly assaulted at home by his wife and at the end of the day he would buy wine and go with his kinsmen to beg his in-laws, going home with stern warning never to try it again.

Also, can anyone claim rightly that a man who relinquished his governorship ticket to his father-in-law in 2015 is independent minded? This is why many people believe that Uche Nwosu's ambition to be Governor in 2019 is Governor Okorocha's third term bid. They believe he is a stooge of the Governor and should not become Governor in 2019.

6. DOES NOT HAVE CAPACITY TO BE GOVERNOR: If a man fails a major job interview and never worked in any major establishment, what capacity does he have? I can boast that all that I have achieved today are courtesy of my hardwork and capacity. But Uche Nwosu owes his whole being to Governor Okorocha. Otherwise, let him produce his CV and let us see whether he has ever demonstrated any capacity anywhere.

It is this obvious lack of capacity that has led to the ruination of Imo State. Since the Okorocha government birthed in Imo State in 2011, no sector has been developed. Not even the so-called free education has improved or developed the educational sector. And this is happening in a government where Uche Nwosu is a major player. If Uche Nwosu has any demonstrable capacity, ordinary relocation of market would not have led to bloodshed, urban renewal programme would not have led to the level of destruction going on in the state today. 

If Uche Nwosu had any demonstrable capacity, he would have helped the government realise it's factory, factory, factory promise and not renege on his promise and instead created jolessness, hunger and despondency.

Uche Nwosu is said to have studied Urban and Regional Planning. If he had any demonstrable capacity Governor Okorocha would not be erecting dangerous concrete projectiles along major roads in the name of urban renewal. But the people perish where there is no capacity in governance, but relishing deceit and celebrating mediocrity.

7. LOYAL TO THE GOVERNOR ONLY: Uche Nwosu has never been loyal to Imo people. He will never be. One major outcry against the Okorocha government is the issue of land grabbing. On several occasions Imo people have expressed their frustrations with top government officials grabbing their land. 

On May 29, 2017, several Imo people confronted the Governor with the cry that top government officials had grabbed their land. Imo people believed that those lands were grabbed while Uche Nwosu was Commissioner for Lands.

As Commissioner for Lands he was also accused of acquiring several lands and properties, including one at the Civic Center, where his house sits majestically. Also, Governor Okorocha acquired the former IBC land and built his Rochas Foundation College under his watch. How come public land changed to that of Rochas Foundation College? Did the Governor sell it to himself? When was the sale of the land bidded? When was it advertised that the state government was selling land? Who were those who bidded for the land? Did the Rochas Foundation College win the bidding? How was it sold to them? Did they pay? How much did they pay? 

More questions seeking answers. But we know that the greatest loyalty Uche Nwosu showed to his father in-law, Governor Okorocha, is the relinquishing of the APC governorship ticket to him in 2015. And if he becomes Governor in 2019 we would continue to have Governor Okorocha in office as Governor in the name of Uche Nwosu. God forbid!

8. USURPATION: Uche Nwosu has been severally accused of being a usurper of office. Those in government house would tell you that not only is Uche Nwosu the pseudo Governor, he is invariably the Deputy Governor. They say that whether Governor Okorocha is around or not, Uche Nwosu is the epicenter of power and that is why APC politicians and others fall over themselves to do obeisance while the office of the Deputy Governor is deserted. This situation is said to be worse whenever the Governor travels. In such case the Deputy Governor's office would be as quiet as the graveyard. 

Such a usurper who has no respect for constituted authority such as the office of the Deputy Governor would be a tyrant if he becomes Governor. He would be worse than his father-in-law.

9. WIDESPREAD POVERTY: The major function of government is the happiness or welfare of the people. Every government should lift its people out of poverty and improve their lot. But this has not been the case since 2011 when Governor Okorocha became Governor. Upon his swearing-in in 2011 Governor Okorocha in his maiden broadcast sacked the 10,000 jobs beneficiaries employed by the Ikedi Ohakim administration without payoff. He sacked heads of commissions with statutory appointment without payoff. He sacked the Chairman of the Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, HRM Eze Dr Cletus Ilomuanya, who has since won his cases against him in court. The Governor also dissolved the development centers and sacked their workers without payoff. He sacked the 305 elected councilors and 27 local government chairmen who were elected and sworn-in by the Ikedi Ohakim administration without compensation. He appointed CGC, SDC members without payment. He illegally cut down salaries of civil servants and pensioners' pension by 30% and 60% respectively. He closed down the health centers where rural folks got primary healthcare, leading to increase in mortality rate in the state, compounded by the lack of healthcare infrastructure to cater for the tertiary healthcare needs of the people as the government had concessioned government-owned general hospitals, with none of them functioning.

10. HE IS COERCIVE: Uche Nwosu is intimidating. On Wednesday, January 31, 2018, a group known as The Youth Structural Heads of the All Progressives Congress (APC) lamented that they have been under threat by Uche Nwosu.

Particularly, they "accused Uche Nwosu of threats and arm twisting tactics with a view to coercing them into joining his campaign organization called Ugwumba Movement." They called on the Governor (in vain) to call him to order.


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