By Charles Ogbu. 

It is official!

The little Emperor masquerading as Ebonyi state governor, Dave Umahi, has accepted to give Ebonyi land as Cattle Colony to the terrorist fulani herdsmen. Only that this time, he didn't call it "Cattle Colony", he called it Cattle Grazing Area. 

He first released a statement that he has rejected Cattle Colony for herdsmen in Ebonyi state only for the same governor to agree to create Cattle Grazing Area in the same state. 

A deceitful little Herod using our head to practice Taqiyya. 

What is the difference between "Cattle Colony" that Umahi rejected and "Cattle Grazing Area" that he accepted? 

Here, let me:

In "Cattle Colony", the terrorist herdsmen will have a place up to the size of a local govt in the state but in specially designated "Cattle Grazing Area", the herdsmen will have a place mapped out for them and their cattle IN EACH LOCALITIES in the state. 

So what is the difference? 

Semantics! Nothing more. 

Cattle Grazing Area is euphemism for Cattle Colony. 

Do not be deceived. Awusa abatago Awka live! Agwo no n'akirika. 

Governor Umahi didn't just order Local Chiefs in the state to create Cattle Grazing Area for the terrorist herdsmen in their localities, he equally instructed that each time the grasses in the Grazing Area provided for the terror group go dry, the local Chiefs must provide another grazing area with fresh grasses for them. 

Should the entire Ndigbo not rise up to stop this man BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY, in a couple of months from now, Emperor Rochas may follow his footstep and in a few years from now, the #ScionsOfDanfodio will have conquered and subdued us all in our own land WITHOUT FIRING A SINGLE BULLET. 

All for what? 

Just because he and Rochas are under this foolish and moronic illusion that if they keep their heads buried in the poo-poo hole of the Daura-born death merchant long enough, he will chose one of them as his successor. So for political opportunism, Umahi is willing to sell us all into 15th century slavery. 

Ask yourself, do I really want to live with a people who kill and maim others and cut open the womb of pregnant women before killing their foetuses??? This is the people Governor Umahi want to give your land to as Grazing Area and they will live amongst you. Remember Agatu, Nimbo, Southern Kaduna etc. 

Ask students of history about these people and the people that have made the tragic mistake of accommodating them in the past. They always end up conquering their host and taking over their land. Examples abound. Today, Ilorin has a fulani Emir because of the greed and naivety of Afonja. 

Ndigbo, regardless of your state (this is not a matter for Ebonyi people alone) resist Umahi and his gang BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY. This should be a matter of life and death for every Igbo man or woman. 

Is it possible that millions of us cannot stop just one man from endangering our collective safety????? 

This piece is specifically for suggestions on how you think we can stop this evil man from accomplishing his evil mission.

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