Girl Who Bought Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Online Is Left With Swollen Face & Lips [Photos]

A teenager was left struggling to breathe and couldn't feel the bottom of her face after applying a fake Kylie Jenner lip kit.

Rachael McLaughlin, 18, has warned of the dangers of buying the lip plumping sets online after she wound up in A&E.

Her older sister Bronagh said the young woman cut short her night out at a friends after starting to feel unwell on Friday.

She said Rachael woke on Saturday morning at her Belfast home to find her face and lips swollen and her throat closing up.

The family were so concerned that they took Rachael straight to A&E at Belfast Royal Victoria Hospital .

"It was the scariest experience ever," Rachael told Belfast Live .

"I lost all feeling round the bottom of my face and my lips continued to grow bigger from when I first saw them.

"I couldn't even look at myself and when others looked at me they said I looked like a completely different person.

"It's not an experience I would ever wish on anyone. The reason I went to the hospital was because I couldn't breathe.

"My blood pressure was very high as well.

"Today has been the first day I have actually been able to leave my house and I've only left because the swelling went down.

"They (her lips) are still cut and still extremely sore but nowhere near as bad as they were."

Rachael's older sister Bronagh said they are speaking out to warn others not to buy fake products online - products she said could contain anything from toxins to superglue.

She also said the Facebook site on which the fake £3 Kylie lip kit was bought has since disappeared, so buyers have nowhere to turn if something does go wrong.

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