'Human Ken Doll' Poses In Racy Nipple Tassels Costume In Support Of Gender Fluidity

He recently revealed he identifies as gender-fluid and is keen to raise awareness around the topic.

And Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves has undergone a stunning transformation for a bold new photoshoot in support of a gender fluidity campaign.

The 34-year-old reality personality, who has spent an estimated £400,000 on plastic surgery, has collaborated with  visual artist Thomas Evans to capture a new photo series Femme The Man, which shows Rodrigo clad in skimpy attire.

For the first striking photo the star slips into into a tiny red and black floral corset, which reveals the results of his recent rib removal, paired with a leather lace-up vest and saucy heart-shaped nipple tassels.

Attempting to redefine how society expects people to dress and behave based on physical anatomy, as well as support men who feel unable to express themselves, the defiant star rocks pink talons, a blonde bobbed wig and smoky eye make-up for the stunning shoot, where crew members nicknamed him 'Jessica Alves.'

A second bold photo sees Rodrigo don a glamorous Playboy bunny outfit, comprised of a black silk basque, fishnet tights, glittery gold heels, flowing blonde wig and rabbit ears.

Shining a further light on the issues faced by those who identify as gender-fluid, Rodrigo poses for a 'dirty glam' photo, which shows with a cap covering his hair, and dark patches of make-up smearing his face as he smokes a cigarette.

The campaign aims to break the taboo around gender fluidity and normalise it for others. 

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