The political matrimony between Prince Eze Madumere and his boss started long ago. Eze Madumere may have suffered many things in the hands of Rochas Okorocha even before becoming the Deputy Governor of Imo State. They knew each other before now and better than i do. Therefore, I am not competent to talk about their private relationship. Prince Eze Madumere is a man that went to the ‘prison’ in 2011 because of his boss Mr. Rochas Okorocha. I can’t come in between them; but facts are there to expose how Owelle has been unfair with the Deputy Governor of Imo State.

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During the 1998 gubernatorial elections in Nigeria, Madumere went back to Nigeria and served as director for Women and Youth Mobilization for Owelle Rochas Okorocha 's campaign in Imo State under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He also served as chief strategist on media and logistics for Okorocha's presidential bid under the ANPP in 2002–2003. He once worked in the presidency as the chief of staff to the presidential adviser on inter-party relations. In December 3, 2005, he ran for the Senate seat in Imo East Senatorial District (Owerri Zone) after it was declared vacant following the death of Senator Amah Iwuagwu. After the 2011 election, where Okorocha emerged victorious as the Governor of Imo State , Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere (MFR) was appointed the chief of staff to the Governor of Imo State after went to Prison for Rochas, where he exhibited obstinate drive for excellence. He became deputy governor on 30 March 2013 after the Impeachment of Sir Jude Agbaso as the Deputy Governor of Imo State.

As the Deputy Governor of Imo State, his accomplishments are numerous especially in the area of Security, dispute and crisis management and resolution. His historic resolutions of disputes between host communities and oil exploration firms in the oil communities of Imo State are legendary. He has left a lasting legacy of harmonious relationship between the communities and their business guests. Among some of the cases were Orsu Obodo community vs Addax Oil, Walter Smith Oil Exploration Vs Awarra Community, oil spillage crises between AGIP and Ohaji Egbema local government youths. He also brokered peace between Irete Community and Nigeria bottling company limited. Statutorily, as the Chairman of Imo State Boundary Commission, his knack for excellence in all facets of human endeavour also played out as he liaised with the former Deputy Governor of Abia State to nip in the bud what would have been a bloody skirmish bet seen Ihitte-Uboma and a community in Abia State. With an understanding between him and his Anambra State Deputy Governor colleague, effort is being made to resolve all boundary issues between Imo State and Anambra State as the affected communities have complied to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner.

Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere at present is handling majorly world Bank and International agencies in relation to development of the core sectors of Imo State.

Great questions I have continued to ask myself are, can Rochas Okorocha reward Prince Eze Madumere in a manner that commensurate with the service hitherto rendered? Is Prince Eze Madumere not qualified to succeed Gov. Rochas? Is it not possible that the good qualities of Prince Eze Madumere may have been contaminated by his association with Gov. Rochas? Is Chief Rochas afraid that Prince Eze Madumere will imprison him if he succeeds him? Is Prince Eze Madumere not privy to all the alleged looting and land grabbing going on in the Rescue Mission of Rochas Okorocha? If Prince Eze Madumere becomes a governor tomorrow, can he muster courage to probe his boss?

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