Watch video of Russian politician body-slamming a reporter for asking tough questions as Prosecutors approve indictment against him

Prosecutors have approved an indictment against Sergei Zaytsev, the head of Shirinsky District administration who made headlines earlier this year after body-slamming a reporter over some tough questions.

Back in May, the regional TV crew of the Russia 24 news channel went to interview Zaytsev at his workplace in the administration, but things turned ugly.

The state official was reportedly angry and aggressive after being asked questions about his  'failed project' to rebuild houses for wildfire survivors, as well as corruption and his criminal past.

At one point, he started pushing the reporter and his cameraman out of the office. But as they refused to leave and demanded answers,  Zaytsev lost his cool and then body-slammed the reporter Ivan Litomin to the floor.

The incident was filmed on camera and aired on state TV. His political party, United Russia party has since canceled his membership, calling his actions “a bureaucratic delirium.”

During the pre-trial investigation, the official denied his guilt and refused to testify. He blamed the journalist for being a “professional provocateur” and filed a complaint with the police against him.

The criminal case will be sent to court in the coming days, the Prosecutor’s Office in the Russia’s Republic of Khakassia said. 

The head of the republic’s Shirinsky District, Sergey Zaytsev, is accused of “hindering the lawful professional activities of journalists by forcing them to refuse to disseminate information, coupled with violence against a journalist.”

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