Nigeria's p*rn queen makes u-turn, says p*rn couldn't give me money and fame as she begs Nigerians for forgiveness

Savage Trap Queen in a chat with Saturday Beats shocked many when she said she has quit acting p*rn. Remember she had boasted about making between N80,000 to N100,000 per role when she features as a p*rn star?

But now she said it's all over and she has embraced a new life. Speaking to Saturday Beats she said,

“I was cheated and assaulted as a p*rn star. I was disrespected, and I wasn’t even paid completely. I don’t think anyone should go into it. I decided to quit when I looked at my life and caution myself. I didn’t know what I was doing. When I was into p*rn, people assumed I was making a lot of money. However, p*rn companies make more money than p*rn stars; they only give them a token. I said to myself that wasn’t the kind of life I wanted to live. I know the society I live in doesn’t accept such immorality. I won’t advise any young Nigerian to venture into it because whether you like it or not, whatever action you take has consequences, either good or bad”.

On how she started her career as a p*rn actress, she said;

“I didn’t plan to be a p*rn star. A friend actually told me about the job. She told me it was a reality TV show and not porn. When I complained to her that some of the faces I saw were the individuals I knew as p*rn stars, she still maintained that it was a reality TV show. However, on getting there, I realised it wasn’t a reality show; it was p*rn. The girls and the first person I worked with were convincing and led me into it. I could have resisted them, but I was foolish. I thought it would fetch me money and fame because I love being in the limelight. I love the celebrity lifestyle,” she said.

On her plans for the future and begging not to be judged, she said;

She stated, “I have embraced a new life and I’m trying hard to penetrate into Nollywood because I want to become an actress. I also love dancing so I can do well as a video vixen or model. I am tired of being judged. I just want to lead a normal and peaceful life, and be happy. I hope Nigerians out there give me another chance so I won’t go hungry or fall into depression again because I have been depressed a couple of times.”

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