There is now a new approach to end herpes


“I am an attractive, single, 55 year old female (friend say I look like a Barbie doll) lol! Silly! I was diagnosed positive in November 2012 after an extremely stressful season in my life when my father passed away. My earliest remembrance of a breakout was in my early 20’s. I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding and I notices a pimple forming on my chin. As days when by it got worse and formed into little blisters. I never thought anything of it because back then we were not so educated on the virus. At least I was not. The blisters crusted and went away. It happened years later and I mentioned it to my dermatologist and she gave me acyclovir but never mentioned the virus so I was clueless.
So now I have had this virus from my Early 20’s into my late 40’s and then what happened is I had felt something funny in another area. Well because I use a razor and I do often nick myself became a cut and the cut began to blister. Never had the blister been tested but I went for blood test because by that time I knew something may be wrong and I was diagnosed positive for 1 and 2. I was so devastated. So much so that when I went to my general practitioner I had her retake the test and I was still positive. I have not had a date since November 2012 because I’m still so devastated. At age 53 I went into menopause and the outbreaks lessened (I never has a lot of breakouts and they were real severs) so I thought when I had not had one in a year that I was healed and at 54 asked my gynecologist for another test and I was still positive.
That is when I started to research the virus. I read everyone’s blog. I read everyone’s cure. I watched everyone’s video on YouTube and I saw synergy. I read everything about synergy. I read every blog – I looked at everyone’s results-I read every ingredient and what it does and where it came from and I looked at the price and it was less expensive then my own vitamins so I said I’m going to try.
The first month was tough on my body. If you look above we are looking at 35 years and maybe more of this virus in my body so of course I’m going to feel rough with it being eliminated. I have no idea when I got this virus but I know it was prior to the wedding in my 20’s so as you say the virus is being eliminated it has to come out my skin rashes and itched and it was tough. I do have sensitive skin so the treatment and 35 plus years is to be expected. In the meantime I had ordered a hsv type 2 test online and was saving it for my 55 birthday. I was 3 months into the treatment the rash had calmed a bit and I took the test. I got the test and put it away for a week and then I took my time -watched someone online take the test so I would not mess it up and I proceed to take the test and I watched my results. My results were a clear negative. Praise God for you all!!”

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