93-year old woman becomes an internet sensation after pleading for more beer while on coronavirus lockdown

A 93-year-old woman has won hearts online after making a rather spirited appeal for help.

As a pensioner and vulnerable to coronavirus, Olive Veronesi is staying in her Pennsylvania home around the clock.

But due to warnings that elderly people should not even go out for food, Olive ran out of beer and didn’t know what to do, reports Sky News.

She couldn’t head out to any shops to pick up supplies like others might because, at her age she’s more vulnerable to the disease than most.

So instead she had to get creative when thinking up how she could get her hands on more beer.

Olive ended up going viral on Facebook with the idea she came up with.

Standing at the window of her home, she held up a sign which said: ‘I NEED MORE BEER!!’

She was pictured holding the white board in one hand and a can of Coors Light beer in the other.

It was one way to grab the neighbours’ attention, and grab their attention it did.

A photo of Olive standing at the window with her sign was snapped and uploaded onto the Facebook page of a local TV station.

Since the photo was posted, more than a million people have seen it.

Not only this, but Olive achieved her objective, with several people offering to go and get her the much needed supplies.

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