96-year old woman who begged for beer during lockdown receives 150 cartons

They should not kill her o, lol. This 96 years old woman trended online after begging for beer through a sign where it is written " I need more beer" .

The woman was seen with the sign while sitting at her window and at the corridor of her house.

The woman whose name is olive Veronesi and 96 years old from Pennsylvania was seen bored and need more beer as she can't cope with the staying indoor lock down.

When she noticed she couldn't cope any more, she wrote the sign and put at her window begging neighbors for more beer.

One of her relative saw her holding the sign that she needed a beer, took a picture of her and posted it on social media and since then it has trended through social media platforms .

The maker of the beer she was holding saw the picture of her posted on social media by her relative and decided to grace the old woman with 150 carton of beers.

And now she is holding the ''got more beer sign'', lol.

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