Playboy Star models discloses how masturbation has helped her survive the lockdown

A Playboy star has revealed how she’s been passing time in isolation.

Nannette Hammond, who describes herself as a “real life Barbie doll”, says she’s been spending a lot of time in the buff.

For some much-needed “self care”, she’s been cleaning n.a.k.e.d and masturbating regularly.

She’s also enjoying 30 minute bubble baths and jumping on her bed.

When she’s not in lockdown, the American influencer enjoys travelling and hanging out with family.

The 46-year-old listed all of her favourite things to do in a recent Instagram post.

Not letting her Barbie persona slip when she’s stuck at home, Nannette got all dressed up.

She wore a sparkly bikini, before applying some pink lipstick and pouting towards the camera.

The Instagram star shared the snap online, captioning it: “We all self-care differently.

“Some of this Barbie’s acts of self care include…

“30 minute bubble baths, travelling the world, gummy bears, cooking, roller skating, singing, gym time, spending time with family.”

Nannette added that she’s been completing chores – but still has time for some “self love”.

She added: “I love to iron everything I wear before I put it on my body – including my PJs.

“Getting my nails done, drinking wine, being n3ked home alone.

“Cleaning n3ked with roller skates on, washing and waxing my cars.

After listing all the ways she’s keeps herself entertained, Nannette asked followers what they enjoy doing.

She questioned her 374,000 followers: “What are some of your favourite forms of self care?”

The post racked up dozens of responses, with one fan gushing: “Looking at your pictures is all I need.”

Another agreed: “My self care is enjoying your beauty every time you post.”

And a third added: “I love the view.”

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