Canadian rapper Tory Lanez berates Ik Ogbonna for posting the Nigerian flag on his IG live

Tory Lanez has called out IK Ogbonna for trying to steal his show on his IG Live video.

The rapper who has become famous for his IG live videos made a special announcement where he gave the Nigerian actor a warning asking him to stop posting the Nigerian flag he was flooding his page with.

The Canadian rapper said; ''Special announcement, maybe the most special announcement all day, IK Ogbonna please stop posting the same f**king flag."

But IK won;t let Tory control him, and despite not being his page, he went ahead to post more!

An angry Tory then went on to call him out again, saying;

''IK Ogbonna you're still throwing up same flag. We know you're repping for your city, but please stop.'' 

Some people that wnet on to dig said the rapper has now blocked the Nollywood actor.

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