Coronavirus patient says he thought he was immune because he's just 25-years old

A 25-year-old coronavirus patient admitted he had the “wrong attitude” towards the virus, and warned young people not to underestimate Covid-19.

Calum Wishart, 25, admits he was guilty of flouting coronavirus lockdown rules because he thought his age would render him "invincible" against the virus.

Mr Wishart found out the hard way that Covid-19 does not discriminate and wound up at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary fighting the disease.

He spent a week in the hospital, and was left struggling to move due to violent coughing fits and breathing trouble.

Despite Government warnings, he said he "underestimate the real impact" of coronavirus and is now urging young people to take coronavirus seriously.

He told BBC Breakfast on Easter Sunday he had "completely the wrong attitude" towards the virus.

Adding: "I would not say I was hugging strangers or anything like that, I think I just underestimated the real impact of it.

"I had the perspective that because I was young it would not affect me, that it would be like a kind of flu."

His sister, Rachel added: "Young people think they’re invincible, they think that it’ll just be a cold or a 24-hour bug.

"People need to listen, they need to take this seriously."

Calum said being stuck in the house is "infinitely better" than going through the bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea caused by coronavirus.

Earlier this month the 25-year-old's condition rapidly deteriorated to the point where he was constantly uncomfortable and unable to eat.

A week on from his first symptoms, he was rushed to the hospital when his breathing worsened and he was confirmed as having coronavirus.

He said: "In a strange way, it was a relief to get the diagnosis because the thought of going through what I was, then potentially getting coronavirus later was terrifying.

"But also because I had in mind that I wanted to do a post with a proper account of what it's like to have the virus and how awful it is.

"I feel like I was seeing a lot of people take too many unnecessary risks and going out when it's not absolutely essential.

"I want to try and help as many people as I can and crucially help the hospital staff, as they are going to struggle badly to have the resources to cope if loads of people get this."

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