COVID-19: Deji Adeyanju, FFK, fault ECOWAS for appointing President Buhari to lead

Deji Adeyanji and a former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode this morning called ECOWAS out on twitter saying the greatest mistake its leaders made was to appoint President Buhari as the leader in fight against COVID-19. Adeyanju even said Ghanaian President would have been better for the position.

''The ECOWAS that appointed a coward hiding under his bed as head of COVID-19 pandemic is doomed forever. No wonder the region looks like a dilapidated building. How can you see the Ghanaian President then put clueless Buhari to be in charge of anything?'', Adeyanju a known critic of this Government tweeted.

FFK also wrote;

''The greatest mistake that the ECOWAS leaders have made is to appoint @MBuhari
as the leader of the fight against Covid 19. This is a cataclysmic error which they will deeply regret. He can barely manage himself & now you ask him to manage a sub-region of 400 million people?''

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