A Scottish man died from coronavirus just six months after he and his partner of 25 years had their dream wedding.

Andy Wyness, 53, is thought to have caught the virus while on a bowling trip to Wales.

He initially thought it was just a cold, however his condition deteriorated and he was taken into Wishaw General Hospital, where he spent two weeks in intensive care.

On April 6, the great-grandfather lost his battle against the disease.

He first met wife Sandra on a blind date 25 years ago before tying the knot on October 13 last year.

Sandra, 58, told how they decided to get hitched after hearing about Fawlty Towers star Prunella Scales being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.

Mum-of-two Sandra said: “We met on a blind date through my best friend.

“She started going out with Andy’s best friend and the two of them kind of started concocting ways for us to meet up.

“We were together for 25 years before we actually got married last October. Before that, we were on holiday with the grandkids and we took them to Thomas Land.

“We used to pass river barges everyday. Both of us said that we would like to try it someday and when we came home, I recorded the TV show Great Canal Journeys so we could watch it together.

“We watched it and found out that Prunella Scales was suffering from Alzheimers.

“I said to Andy that there was something about getting to that age and getting something like that but not being married.

“So it was me that kind of initiated it but we never really spoke about it again. We then went on holiday to Florida and I happened to see the ring.

“I joked that if we were to get married that he’d need to come back here and get it. He then said ‘well why don’t we just get it?’.

“We didn’t actually buy it that day because I took cold feet and ran out the shop but we did go back and get it before the end of the holiday.”

Andy, who worked for North Lanarkshire Council, was also a keen bowler and had been a member of Dalzell Bowling Club for the last 20 years.

Sandra fears he picked up the virus on a bowling trip to Wales after he returned home suffering from what he thought was a cold.

She explained: “When he came back, he wasn’t that well but he kept saying that it was just a wee cold. He said he always comes back from these trips ill.

“But as the week went on, he just got worse and knew himself that he had to take himself to the doctor.

“He made an appointment through NHS 24 and they arranged for him to be seen. Then that was him, he never came home.”

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