COVID-19: Nigerian man RECIEVES $2,290 from Canadian Government

A Nigerian man based in Canada has taking to twitter to praise the Canadian Government for fulfilling their coronavirus pandemic promise.

Recall the government weeks ago had announced that they would be paying the sum of $2,000 to Canadians who are out of work due to the pandemic for four months.

Taking to twitter, @ChuksJaphet affirmed he has received his own $2,000 and says he just got an additional cheque of $290 yesterday, making it a total $2,290.

He wrote: 'Few days ago, we received a deposit of $2,000 from d Govt of Can , today we got another cheque of $290 as support. Meanwhile, all Nigerian Govt could say was come back home and I will bear d flight cost. Home ain’t where u were born. Home is where d leaders care abt u.'

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