Dad learns to apply fake eyelashes and opens isolation salon for wife and daughter

A father has learned how to apply fake eyelashes and created an ‘isolation salon’ after his wife and daughter had their appointments cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Phil Todhunter watched hours of YouTube tutorials and ordered an eyelash extension kit online so that he could carry out the treatment on the ‘lash addicts’.

The 49-year-old contractor also wanted to offer the ‘salon’ experience so he created his own one in his home in Cumbria, complete with chill-out music.

Sharing her dad’s incredible creativity on Facebook, Phil’s daughter Scarlett, 20, wrote: "Dad goals. Sorry to all lash technicians who will wince at the thought of Phil doing this. But lash addicts will understand.

"The main thing right now is that everyone’s safe and healthy in the Todhunter household, but one thing that me and Mam were gutted about was not being able to get our lashes done for a few months (although this is a luxury before anyone points out).

"On hearing this, dad ordered a Russian lash kit from tatti lashes, spent hours training himself online and built his own ‘isolation salon’ for me and my mam in the house (with Ibiza pool music for the extra vibez (sic)."

She added: "Honestly, my dad's an absolute lej and I think you’ll all agree for a second attempt, my full set (from scratch) of Russian express lashes are pretty bloody class (sic).

"Love u dad - you are my hero. Ps pls don’t come at me I know this is technically naughty his not a pro but! (sic)."

Scarlett, who is a trainee dental nurse, said her dad decided to try doing eyelashes when he heard she was disappointed she couldn't attend her usual appointments due to Covid-19.

She said: "Me and my mum usually get our lashes done every two-three weeks and we have done for a few years.

"It gives us that extra bit of confidence, I suppose it’s like dying your hair or wearing nice clothes, our lashes just make us feel a bit more ‘together’."

Dad just said “oh I can do them no bother! Just order me the kit and I’ll start watching YouTube videos”.

Scarlett and her mum Jennifer, 50, have been left so impressed by their new lashes, they have joked he will have local ladies queuing at the door after the lockdown to come to his ‘Tatty lash bar’.

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