Kris Jenner tells her film crew to leave so she could make out with Corey at Kylie's office

Kris Jenner insisted the KUWTK film crew left so she could have s.e.x with Corey Gamble.

The momager, 64, was unable to resist her love, 34, when he come to visit her at her daughter Kylie Jenner's office during Thursday's Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

They couldn't keep their hands off each other as the couple locked lips in front of the camera crew.

As their encounter heated up, the mother-of-five persuaded her younger lover to stay in the office for a quickie.

She said: "Don't leave, don't you have just five minutes? Come on."

Corey responded: "Are you serious?"

Kris added: "Yeah, do you have five minutes?"

He said: "Yes, I will make the time!"

As her lover caved to her desires, Kris whipped off her microphone in preparation.

The momager then turned her attentions to her camera crew as she shut them out the office.

Corey wasn't going to miss out as he insisted he was going to make time for his lover.

She said: "Alright you guys, all of you, get out of here. Here's my mic, I'm taking a ten minute break.

"Bye, sorry, goodbye."

The lovers were then given their privacy.

One production staff member asked off-camera what the pair were going to get up to.

"Are they doing what I think they're doing?" he said.

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