Man who got 'famous' for having a simple home shows off his kitchen

A twitter user Ric Hassani (@RicHassani) earlier got a lot of love form twitter when he showed off his home. Well, not like he actually showed it off....

It's lockdown and most people are locked at home, so he has been sharing photos from his house and talking about how the lockdown has been going, but what got people's attention is the beauty of his home!

And so, when he literally trended, Ric felt, since everyone was talking about his house, he can as well go ahead and show them his KITCHEN! And that he did, and as expected, his followers went wild again, lol. All the photos below...

Reacting to peoples comments about his home, he wrote; ''It seems like a lot of people here really like my House, it is really peaceful. I’m a Minimalist, we are those who like things kept very very simple. 🤴🏿''

''I no like many many tins for my House, and my favorite color is White'', he said while sharing a photo from his home.

Ric is a musician by the way.

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