MIRACLE! Mum rejoices over 3years Old girl as she vomits nail swallowed 8 months ago

A Nigerian mother, Nwozu Rita Akpunonu took to Facebook to celebrate after her 3-year-old daughter vomited an iron nail she swallowed eight months ago.

Rita said her daughter returned from school one day and informed her that she swallowed nail in school.

Several medical tests were carried out but the doctors couldn't find anything. Traditional means was also tried, with the mother giving her child red oil to drink to enable her pass the nail out, yet that didn't work.

Fortunately, the little girl started coughing and soon vomited the rusted nail yesterday. The happy mother wrote;

"About 8 months ago,my daughter of 3yrs plus walked up to me and said she swallowed a nail in school when she was playing..I became very worried and asked her countless time and she kept saying thesame thing.

I took her to the hospital and several checks was carried out but nothing was found, she drank palm oil every day like water and still nothing came out.After few weeks i noticed a change in her breathe like snoring sound.

We revisited different hospitals did all the tests and scans and nothing was found. And she kept insisting that she swallowed a nail, I embraced my fear and kept praying for her because the sound of her breathe have never changed since that day.

Fast forward to today,the God of Abraham, the Lion of the tribe of judah ,The miracle worker performed wonders. She started coughing severely this (Monday) evening and said she feels like vomiting,I told her to go ahead and my daughter vomited a rust nail and instantly she breathed normal.

I want you all to join me in Thanksgiving to praise this miracle worker. I give him all the praise."

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