Mum Videos husband brutally beating their 6 year-old son for refusing to exercise

A cruel dad allegedly beat up his six-year-old son for refusing to do push-ups during a home workout.

Emilbek Zhunusov, 35, has been arrested after he allegedly attacked the child during their work out at home in Moscow, Russia, on April 16.

The incident was filmed by Zhunusov's 33-year-old wife who did nothing to stop the abuse as she 'saw nothing wrong with his upbringing methods', reports said.

Mrs Zhunusova reportedly shared the clip online claiming it shows 'the right way to educate a child'.

Zhunusova reportedly added: ''Everybody beat their children to raise a good person."

Distressing video footage appears to show the father hitting the little boy with fists before kicking him, smacking him and forcibly pushing him onto the floor.

He continues smacking him around the head as the child whimpers, cries and tries to shield his face with his hands.

The furious man then grabs a metal stick and threatens the child with it but a relative comes in and begs him to stop.

The footage ends with the father angrily kicking the boy, who is seen helplessly lying on the floor.

After the video caused huge public outrage, Zhunusova filmed a video message in which he explained himself to his critics.

According to reports, he said: ''I said to him [the boy] to do push-ups but he refused. I did not beat him hard. He did not get any injuries.

''The child didn't even feel anything and doesn't hold a grudge against me.

''Everybody beat their children to raise a good person. I was beating my own child, not somebody else's one.

''We are a friendly and happy family.''

However, Zhunusov's appeal did not convince the police who arrested him and launched a criminal case for torture of a minor against him.

On Wednesday the father was brought to the Kuntsevo District Court where he said to the judge: ''I did not beat my son. I educated him.''

Medical examinations revealed numerous bruises on the child's body, a prosecutor said during the hearing.

Emilbek Zhunusov was remanded in custody for the period of two months.

He and his wife left their native Kyrgyzstan for Russia in October last year and got a job as janitors in Moscow.
They have three children and are expecting their fourth.

The victim is now with his mother. The family will be monitored by local social services, according to Russian media.

The suspect faces up to seven years in prison if found guilty. The investigation continues.

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