Nigeria Immigration service to allegedly punish officers who participated in the ''bop daddy/don't rush challenge''

According to a notice flying around the internet, the Nigerian Immigration service has promised to punish or even dismiss officers (ladies) who were seen participating in the ''Bop daddy/don't rush challenge''.

Some of the officers had participated in the challenge wearing their uniforms before changing into s.e.x.y outfits.

Now, one Ayobami, has now started a trend asking why they should be punished for this -- a thing many Nigerians have now taken up, and looks like it will soon be trending on all social meida platforms. The video and Ayobami's allegation below...

If you have faith in the leaders of Nigeria, this thread reminds you that we have "expired" minds running Nigeria. They could easily use this to promote the inclusion of women in the immigration service or build a positive image for themselves but instead this is what happens.

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