Nigerians mourn popular dancer, Kodak

Nigerians have taking to twitter to mourn video vixen and dancer Kodak who sadly died yesterday in Omole while charging her phone.

Talking about how charging our phones is now a blessing and how much she would be missed, tributes poured in for her thus;

''I pray that your soul rests well Kodak, I can’t belive I’m typing this, thank you for working with me, I’m goin to cherish it even more now cause it can never happen again. This hurt me for realLoudly crying face.This is goin to be hard for us but we wil stay strong for you. 🕯

''Charging our phones is now a blessing just discovered. Discovered a very sad way Broken heart
Rest Easy Kodak

''Same Kodak that did a video with Poco lee 5 days back.. This Life Disappointed face 🤦🏻‍♂️

''Rest In Peace Picture Kodak 🕯

''This life is only borrowed because you are not promised tomorrow. Rest on queen Kodak

''Kodak Kodak kodak no no Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face, fuck! Shit my head can’t process this. Really sad ....

''RIP to Picture Kodak Loudly crying faceLoudly crying face
What is this life, she uploaded video on her IG, hours later she is no more, My God

''Rest in Peace Kodak. I was yet to know you but you had an amazing soul .Loudly crying face
We love you but God loves you more.

''R.I.P TO KODAK..So so painful Right now.. The dance World in pains right now. RIP KODAK

''Just now i heard that my favorite Nigeria dancer is dead Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face. God why Loudly crying faceLoudly crying face. Rest on KODAK. You’ll forever live in my heart. R.I.P #KODAK

''Death is an inevitable circumstance that doesn’t need you to be sick before it takes you. RIP Picture Kodak. 🕯Black heart

''Still can’t believe it at allLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceRIP picture #KODAK CoffinCoffin🙏🏿

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