Nine year-old girl beats cancer for the fifth time

A nine-year-old schoolgirl has just been given the cancer all-clear for a fifth time after once again beating returning leukemia.

Ali Herbert, from Brigham City, Utah, has defied the odds to survive five separate cancer diagnoses in the space of just five years.

Ali is celebrating after being told she has survived yet another brush with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She was given the all-clear in March, which marks her fifth recovery, after first being diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in February 2015, aged four.

Since then Ali has seen off cancer on five separate occasions, despite her chances of survival decreasing with each new diagnosis.

Just last year, the disease left Ali on her death bed and her family were called to say their final goodbyes. But Ali defied doctors predictions and rallied, before going on to make a full recovery.

Her proud mom, Heather, 33, said: ‘To go through so many set backs and to see Ali suffer so much feels I’ve been drowning and gasping for air. It’s just been one wave after another.

‘It’s been very difficult for us to watch and I am just praying and hoping that we have finally beaten this. I don’t think Ali could go through it another time.

‘I want to see her happy and healthy for as long as possible and now she has the chance to go on and live a normal life like everyone else.

‘The doctors have said they have struggled to keep her cancer-free but Ali keeps beating whatever is thrown at her, she is the strongest person I know.

‘It’s been horrible, emotionally and physically, but right now she is very happy and is thriving after recovering again and that is just the best feeling.’

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