Root of coronavirus is cursed – Oyedepo

Nigerian Bishop, David Oyedepo has said the root of Coronavirus disease has been cursed and that Nigeria will soon experience a liberation.

In one of his preaching, Oyedepo, Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide said “The root of coronavirus is cursed. It took 24 hours but when they came, they saw it dried up from the roots Mark 11:21. Every curse we have inflicted on that virus is established.

“We will see it wither now in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 62:6-7 We will keep engaging in fervent declarations of Faith and indepth thanksgiving for answered prayers as individuals, as family members. With the lock down, we have the time to be with the Lord,” he said.

Oyedepo said he expected every family to have at least a prayer hour in the course of the day and also expected every prayer partnership that “we have here and there to engage. Don’t let us give any place to the devil. You keep giving thanks, the prayer is answered.

“You keep reminding Him that You have answered us, now confirm it, now establish it. We will be feeding you with prayer lines to ensure you are on course, to see to the end of this evil wave.

“The good news is life will be restored back to our streets, market places will flourish again, our government offices will be serving us again, the economy will start thriving again, the health of mankind shall be gloriously restored and the name of our God shall be glorified,” he said.

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