See why Men Chase after Pregnant Women alot

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Did you know that pregnancy can be a fetish for some men? If you are a single pregnant woman and seem to receive a lot of attention from a man, be on the look out. Obviously, it would be nice to think that men are such saints that they would swoop in and want to form a long-term relationship with a pregnant woman, knowing that means becoming a stepfather. But, the reality is that that is not the way the male mind typically works. Some men are just sexually attracted to pregnant women. Even if you are in a relationship, you may find that other men test your fidelity, all because they find pregnancy so attractive. What is it about the expectant mother that turns men on? I can see it. Pregnant women are beautiful. They are glowing. They are doing an amazing thing with their bodies. But I admire them as a straight woman. The pregnancy fetish is a whole other thing. Here are reasons why men are so attracted to pregnant women.

If someone else has it, they want it

You know how a married person can be so attractive because someone else has claimed them? Well a pregnant woman is a hyper version of this. A man has truly claimed her, by putting his seed in her. Men want what other men have. And men perceive a pregnant woman to be very much possessed by another man.

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