S.e.x Worker makes double her income during lockdown

A student working as a sugar baby has more than doubled her income since the coronavirus lockdown began as men cooped up inside pay thousands of pounds to chat with her online.

Sherene [not her real name] is plied with expensive shoes, perfumes and UberEats cards by her numerous sugar daddies, who also finance her life as a student with cash transfers.

While one might have thought strict social distancing measures would hurt the practice - which typically involves young women exchanging s3xual acts with wealthy older men for money - the industry is booming.

Seeking Arrangement, the self-titled 'world's largest sugar dating site', has self-reported a 56% increase in sign-ups in the UK in the two weeks after the lockdown began compared to last year.

For Sherene, who studies history of art at the University of York, this has translated into a huge jump in the number of men wanting to indulge in illicit Skype sessions with her.

With families stuck at home under penalty of arrest if they don't have a valid excuse for leaving, men are playing a dangerous game when it comes to speaking to the 23-year-old.

"It’s a fun little secret for the married boys and the single dudes just like sending stuff and seeing you in something they picked," Sherene, who is inundated with lingerie sets by her admirers, told Mirror Online.

"I have one client, he’s a QC, and he’s with his wife and older kids and we sext all the time. He says he’s addicted to buying me stuff and seeing me in it.

"His wife thinks he’s on important client calls when he calls me during the day. Like, he literally cannot stop. It’s awesome."

Another of her sugar daddies, a CEO called John, has been a trusty source of income since Sherene started as a sugar baby in August last year.

On their first date they enjoyed a meal together, visited York Gallery and took a drive in the countryside.

In return for a £4,000-a-month retainer and regular gifts, Sherene would chat to John about his family, take trips to the city's famous Minster and engage in oral sex with him.

"He talked a lot about his wife which was really boring, and his work, which was also very boring," Sherene explained.

"He's a bit patronising. We kissed a lot. I have my limit which is intercourse itself. We get to almost third base. I don't think his wife knows about me."

Since the lockdown began Sherene and John have had to move their relationship online.

"He can't video call as much because he's at home with his family so we have to talk at really awkward hours of the morning," she said.

"John is totally into it. He tells me that it puts him on edge.

"It's a little bit of drama and trouble. Sometimes he leaves the door open and says 'my wife could come in.'"

Sherene, whose boyfriend away from sugar dating is studying for a PHD, is clearly the exception and not the rule.

Not only has her monthly income recently increased from £12,000 to £28,000, she is incredibly open about what she's doing and honest when it comes to its issues.

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