St. Raphael Divine Mercy Hospital, Lagos accused of stealing patient's baby

A woman, Faith Obinna, who recently gave birth to twins at St. Raphael Divine Mercy Hospital in Ikorodu area of Lagos State has accused the hospital management of allegedly stealing one of her twins immediately after birth.

The victim, Faith Obinna who did several scans in the same hospital which revealed that she was pregnant for twins claimed she was sedated on the day she had a caesarean section and was later presented with only one of the twins.

According to Madam Faith Obinna who called immediate help from well-meaning Nigerians and the government of Lagos State, “I delivered on 6th March at Saint Raphael hospital, I had caesarean section because I was pregnant for twins.

“Before the cesarean session, I had done three scans in the same hospital which confirmed I was pregnant with twins.

“On the day of the caesarean section, we were three women who delivered their babies through caesarean section.

“I was the only one they gave sleeping injection even when I told the doctor before the time not to administer it but they did so that I won’t know when they took my baby but when they brought the two babies out I was still partially conscious because of the injection.”

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