Tattoo queen! Meet the 44-year old who has every part of her body covered with tattoos

A 44-year-old woman with hundreds of tattoos on her face and body has shared details of her ink online.

The American “MILF” has a shaved head and colourful tattoos on her neck, head, face and body.

And, employers on the internet believe that facial tattoos should no longer be looked down upon as they’re a form of self expression.

Tattooed babe Ashley, who has nearly 9k followers on her Instagram, @my_inkedlife, says she is “inked and buzzed” and “shamelessly me”.

In her posts she encourages people to “be their own vision of beauty”.

Her first tattoo was a dragon on her upper arm.

Now she even has red roses tattooed on her areolas.

The 44-year-old has a skull-patterned ice cream cone on her bum and the word “Goddess” tattooed on her stomach.

In one post she says: “Shamelessly in love with my tattoos.

“I love my head tattoos, more than I do having hair.”

Her head is tattooed with a huge number of designs including roses, knuckledusters, jewels and crystals.

The only area of her body which doesn’t have ink is the soles of her feet, she revealed.

The first tattoo Ashley got on her face was a set of three stars on her temple in 2013.

Akshay Makadiya, said: “I run a digital marketing agency dubbed RankLane and I won't mind hiring a person having a facial tattoo if he is skilled."

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