Woman in pains after being unable to have s.e.x with her husband two months straight

A Woman with a rare condition that causes persistent genital arousal was left so sore she couldn’t have s.e.x with her husband for months.

In December 2012 Lior Ofir Schwartz, 28, from Miami Beach, Florida began feeling constantly aroused without having s.e.xual desires.

She explained: “I would have restless leg syndrome; I have feelings of arousal without s.e.xual circumstances. The best way to explain it is an itch I cannot scratch.

“In days that I experience extreme stress I feel the need to put pressure in my clitoral region as it feels painful.

“I usually feel this in times of stress and usually at night before bed. The feeling is a painful arousal; it feels like a tingling in your genital region that all you want to do is put pressure on it or masturbate to relieve the pain.”

After researching the condition she discovered persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), which is spontaneous, persistent, unwanted and uncontrollable genital arousal in the absence of sexual stimulation.

Her condition worsened over time and when she began dating her now-husband, Jonathan, 29, she was in so much pain she was unable to have s.e.x with him.

Determined to find a solution, Lior had her first appointment with a PGAD specialist in March 2013 who officially diagnosed her, discovering she also suffered from pelvic dysfunction.

Jonathan, was very supportive during her ordeal and whilst she spent all of 2013 in physical therapy to alleviate her symptoms, Lior and Jonathan had to go without s.e.x for two months at a time.

She explained: ““When my husband and I started dating for real (which was six months after we initially met) I told him right away that we had to go slow due to some health issues.

“I explained a bit of my diagnosis. but it wasn't until a year later that I went into further detail.

“He has always handled my condition with patience and understanding. He has never rushed me or stressed me out when it comes to my condition.

“He has been supportive by being patient, that is the number one key. He has always encouraged my physical therapy, psychotherapy, and many, many doctor visits.

“There have been times over the years where we would have to go months without having s.e.x as I worked on symptoms with physical therapy.”

Their relationship was tested over and over again throughout her journey, but it also grew stronger and October 2016, Jonathan proposed to Lior.

The proposal was based around the US hit late-night talk show, The Tonight Show, which stars Jimmy Fallon and Johnny Carson, as Lior is a massive fan.

She explained: ““He planned a very cute proposal. We love The Tonight Show (both Johnny Carson and Jimmy Fallon),” she said.

“He had my mum bring me to my brother's warehouse and when I walked in, all of my friends and family were there (playing the audience).

“My husband's brother played the role of the host (Jimmy Fallon). My grandfather wore an afro wig and played Questlove.Following the surgery Lior and Jonathan were not allowed to have sex for four months.

Lior’s physical therapist uses a dilator during her sessions which she uses 15 to 30 minutes before having s.e.x. She can now have s.e.x with her husband pain-free.

She continyed: “My dream for my future is to show others that there is a way to work through the pain. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“I want to show others that with the right support and encouragement you can have a normal life with this condition.

“My hope is to provide answers, and in a way be an inspiration to push others to move passed the pain. I understand the pain, but I have also tried so many different tools to get rid of the pain, that I now know it is possible to live around it.

“I want other people with PGAD to know you can still find someone to love if you want to, you can still travel the world if you want to, and you can still go after your passion if you want to.

“PGAD and pelvic pain is becoming more and more acknowledged. I want people to understand you can still live your life. You can find the light in it all. Fight the pain and find your passion, don't let it stop you.”

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