Woman kills husband after quarrel over food, then rips out her own intestines in suicide bid

A somber mood has engulfed Ikoli Village in Malava Constituency, Kakamega County, Kenya after a 25-year-old woman killed her 36-year-old husband before attempting suicide.

Joy Indeche fatally stabbed Bryan Indimuli multiple times in the stomach before turning the kitchen knife on herself.

The couple is said to have quarreled after a piece of ugali fell on the floor on Friday night, April 3.

Indimuli’s father, John Indimuli, said his son complained after Indeche tripped over a chair and the ugali, which she was carrying, fell on the floor.

“My son suspected his wife had taken alcohol, hence her wobbly feet, which led to her tripping over and resulting in the fall of the ugali,” said the deceased’s father.

Enraged by her spouse’s complaints and attempt to cane her, the woman is said to have picked a kitchen knife and drove it into his abdomen repeatedly.

She, thereafter, attempted to commit suicide by stabbing herself.

However, she was rescued by neighbours and taken to the Kakamega County Referral Hospital, where she is fighting for her life.

“Her intestines were ripped out,” said Ikoli Assistant Chief Walter Moses Namutali.

The deceased’s father, John Indimuli, told K24 Digital that the marriage between his son and Indeche was filled with unending conflicts.

“One year ago, the two had gone separate ways before reuniting. My son had married Indeche when she had a daughter from a previous relationship. The two would, thereafter, get a son together,” said John Indimuli.

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