You are better than a thousand men to me - Omoni Oboli to husband

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Omoni Oboli is celebrating her 42nd birthday today, and her husband Nnamdi Oboli has taken to Instagram to pen a lovely note in celebration of her special day.

You?ve made me feel better than a thousand men?- Omoni Oboli

Sharing a beautiful photo of them together, the father of three wrote: 'Happy Birthday my darling. This is another day in the year I can’t help but cherish so much.

'It tickles, it’s exciting, it’s exhilarating to see and enjoy this Warri beauty with a tender touch.'

'Most days go unnoticed and even forgotten basking in the sweetness of you. But this day my darling is impossible to pass off without noticing as we always do. '

'You’re sweet, you’re kind, you’re fierce, you’re pure energy, and did I say loving. I could just see your face at the very moment you read the last line blushing. If I could make that smile stay on your face all day, that would definitely make my day. '

'I love you and I cherish you and I pray God’s favour and blessings adorn your way. '

'Because right here and always you’ve made me feel better than a thousand men. Oh, I can’t thank God enough for creating a home with you that’s always felt like a playpen..'

Omoni and Nnamdi Oboli have three sons together.

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