You have always brought me joy! Fani Kayode tells daughter

FFK's daughter, his first child actually, Oluwafolakemi is a year older today and her dad has penned down an emotional note for her.

Asinnn the note is so long and emotional. Oh dear! Kemi must be very proud of this note and well... her friends must be jealous too, especially those that never get birthday notes form their fathers.

The birthday note;

“Happy birthday to my first fruit & my beautiful & blessed daughter Oluwafolakemi. Ever since the day you were born, all those years ago at Wellington Hospital, St. John’s Wood in London, you have done nothing but brought me joy. I remember that day vividly & how I took you from your mother’s arms for the very first time & hugged & kissed you. You are indeed my pride.

“Through thick & thin you have been as constant as the northern star: never complaining, always hopeful, always strong & ever so kind, gentle, caring, compassionate, profound, thoughtful & utterly brilliant.

“You have never let me down & I know that you never will. You have always kept the flag flying & even where & when I faltered you guided me, comforted me & helped me to stand again.

“Throughout your beautiful & blessed life you never complained, you never murmured but you always gave thanks to God & had faith in Him regardless of the circumstances. I remember when you were at Durham many years ago, the same University that your GREAT GREAT grandfather attended. I was so proud of you,” he said.

Fani-Kayode added: “You took your beauty & grace from your mother Saratu but you took your strength & stoicism from me. Your star continues to shine & today you are no longer my little girl anymore but a grown, beautiful & accomplished lady & an illustrious & respected UK-based lawyer who is doing great things. I expected no less.

”You are the first of nine beautiful children that the Lord has blessed me with & I am ever so proud of your achievements just as your mother and your siblings are. I love you, miss you & think of you every day now that you live outside of Africa. So far from home, yet so close to our hearts. Continue to shine my darling and continue to do us proud.

“God bless your day my love, live long & prosper and know that we cherish & adore you. I thank God for you & for the strength, hope & joy that you have given me ever since the day you were born.
You have many more years to come and be rest assured that the Lord will continue to bless, lead, prosper, defend, protect and guide you. Stay safe, stay strong & be happy my darling & once again, Happy birthday!”

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