120 Lekki homeowners face eviction over land dispute

The children of the late Alhaji Afisu Ologolo of Eti-Osa Local Government Area are seeking to recover 10.191 hectares (152 plots) of land in Agungi, Lekki from the Ojomu chieftaincy family of Ajiran.

They have served eviction notices on the owner/occupiers of about 120 of the plots in the estate, who allegedly bought their land from the Ojomu family.

The Ologolos’ said their father bought the property for N6,000 from the Ojomu family on August 16, 1977.

But upon his death in the United Kingdom on December 21, 1990, the Ojomu family, they alleged, secretly partitioned the land into 152 plots and sold same to different buyers.

The children told The Nation through their lawyer, Mr Emmanuel Chukwu, that the late Ologolo died at 44, without his wives or nine children, who were still kids, knowing of the property.

The Ojomu Family, they alleged, knew the late Ologolo’s family was unaware of his ownership of the property and took advantage of this to unlawfully sell it off.

But in 2016, Ologolo’s family found in their father’s belongings, documents, including a Deed of Conveyance (with accompanying Survey Plan Number WYF 25 dated August 16, 1977) registered as 85/85/1658 and dated August 29, 1977 in the Lagos land registry.

The documents, seen by The Nation, showed that Ologolo owned and exercised exclusive possession and occupation of the entire 10.191 hectares – which was originally farmland – until his death.

“The late Mr Afisu Tolani Muritala Ologolo never divested himself of the ownership of the property or any part thereof neither did he authorise anyone to do same on his behalf.

“Upon the demise of Mr Afisu Tolani Muritala Ologolo and seeing that his children were too young and also unaware of their father’s ownership of the property, some persons without lawful authority of our clients encroached on, appropriated and sold off the property.

“In the light of the above, we have instructions of our clients to pursue criminal prosecution of all persons involved in this unlawful and illegal action and also seek redress in the court of law,” Chukwu said in a March 4, 2020 letter to the Oba of Ojomu and Ajiran, Tijani Adetunji Akinloye, seen by The Nation.

A similar letter was also sent on March 4, 2020 to the Balogun of Ajiran, Yekini Olawale Bakare.

Reacting to the Ologolo’s family’s claims, Oba Akinloye said…” I don’t have anything to say about the property as I am not directly involved”.

Also reacting to the allegation, Bakare, said ” If there is anything or clarification you want to know about the Ojomu family, go to the Kabiyesi ” (Oba).

Also, some of the owner/occupiers of the 152 plots allegedly forming part of the Estate of the late Ologolo, denied being in unlawful possession.

Responding to a demand for immediate vacation of the portion of land, Mr Rotimi Oderinde, expressed surprise at the claim.

His lawyer, Uche Okoli, who spoke on his behalf in a March 12 letter, said: “Our client was extremely surprised to see the letter under reference pasted on the wall of his property on March 5, 2020…our client is the beneficial owner of the property on which the letter was wrongfully pasted and duly acquired his title from renowned and very credible conveyors/assignor.”

Others, including Nduka Ebele Henrietta and Robert Nebolisa (for his landlady Mrs F. Osih), said they lawfully acquired and were in lawful possession of their portions of the property.

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