27year old mother of two kicked out by landlord seeks help after being gang-r.a.p.e.d in front of her children

A 27-year-old mother of two who was kicked out of her house in Mihango, Nairobi is pleading for assistance after thugs gang-r.a.p.e.d her in front her children at an unfinished building where she took shelter.

The woman, Elizer, not her real name, said that she was locked out of her house a month ago and took to sleeping outside with her children.

Elizer told K24 Digital that she was evicted over two-months rent arrears amounting to Sh11,000.

On her r.a.p.e ordeal, Elizer said that the cries of her little ones, a three-year-old girl and seven-year-old boy at night attracted the attention of her two assailants.

The thugs, she said, took advantage as it was raining heavily outside and there was no one to respond to her cries for help.

She said that her business, hawking fruits on Mombasa Road, has been hit hard by Covid-19 pandemic as customers have dwindled and prices for stock spiked.

For months now, she has sought alternative livelihood but to no avail. During the day, she spends on a rooftop of an unfinished building and during the night begs strangers for accommodation.

Elizer said that she has tried making a living as a laundrywoman but many people are shirking from hiring for fear of contracting Covid-19.

Now, she seeks any help she can get to seek medical treatment following the r.a.p.e ordeal and for food for her two little children.

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