90 year-old grandma protects terrified black grandson from police aiming guns at him (video)

A 90-year-old grandmother protected her terrified black grandson as police aimed their guns at him.

Officers reportedly said they followed Tye Anders, 21, to his grandmum's home in Midland, Texas, US, after allegedly spotting him running a stop sign.

Shocking footage shows Mr Anders lying down on his grandmother's front lawn as three police officers point their pistols at him.

The encounter comes just days after a white officer was filmed kneeling on the neck of African American George Floyd, who died.

In police dashcam footage of the standoff with Mr Anders, his grandmother can be seen walking across her lawn to stand next to her grandson.

In another video of the incident, one of the officers can be heard telling Mr Anders to walk backwards towards them.

A panicked woman can be heard screaming 'he's scared, y'all have guns on him, he's black do y'all not see how many black people are getting shot?'

She added: "Y'all have guns on him, he's only 21 of course he's f*****g scared. I'd be scared too, I ain't walking towards you because y'all going to shoot."

The woman told the officers they would find 'any reason to shoot', adding that black people get punished 'just because of the colour of our skin'.

Mr Anders can be heard saying 'I'm scared' in the video.

His grandmother then crosses the lawn with her walking stick and stands next to him.

The crowd around Mr Anders pleads with the officers to lower their weapons and 'call somebody black out here'.

The policemen then approach the 21-year-old and start to handcuff him, while urging his grandmother to back off.

She then appears to fall over her grandson, sparking chaos as bystanders rush in to help her.

The woman filming the encounter screams 'y'all pushed her' before the video cuts.

Police dashcam footage then shows officers dragging the man to a squad car, while his grandmother remains sat on the lawn for several minutes, visibly distraught.

Mr Anders can be heard crying and saying 'they just wanted to f**k with me' and 'why are you doing this?' while in the back of the police vehicle.

He was arrested for evading police and taken to Midland County Jail, although he has since been released on bond, Mail Online reports.

According to the news site, his attorney said: "We believe and maintain that this was a stop based on racial profiling and there was no traffic violation."

They claimed an officer assaulted Mr Anders in a police car after he was arrested.

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