98-Year-old Grandfather married again to a beauty queen

A 98-year old grandpa married again to a beautiful lady ifeoma okafor.

Mr john okafor married again after so many years of leaving all alone by him self, he prepared and make every necessary things available for him self, if not available he will go out to get it all by himself because is still very strong and agile

Mr john okafor lost is wife many ago, who gave him a son and a boy, they now have there own families there children are grown up already the render to help grandpa when ever the pay him visit but grandpa insist in nobody to help him out that is capable of taken care of himself.

Grandpa is a very respectable man in their community everyone wish to have him as a father or a mentor for he as achieve and done a lot of great things in the community

It came as a shock when M r john okafor called is children together to informed them he will be getting married next month to a girl he sponsored her education in the university, she is a graduate now it was something of a surprise that a graduate could go for a old man like Mr john,

Although the children were happy because they will have someone to look after there father

the day came after all necessary due and regulations mr got married to a beauty queen, young boys of the community were jealousy of Mr john and is new wife.

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