Do these and you'll be far from contracting coronavirus

So, as the States and Federal government gradually open up as from next week, the only way to stay safe is by making safetiness your watchword in your dealings with people from your door post to your destination and back to your home. That means that your dealings with food and drink vendors, Transportation like Keke, Danfo and other public transportation system. etc

We are sure these 15 tricks would help you and your family stay safe.

1. Do not use your teeth to open sachets like pure water, cooking oil, snacks, biscuits no matter how hungry or thirsty you are or how urgent it is, as they may have been contaminated before getting to you. Use a safe Scissors and cup to open it and drink. 

2. Do not buy peeled Oranges and groundnuts or ask vendors to do for you, unless you are watching them wash their hands and knife (incase of Orange) with soap before peeling it. Because COVID-19 thrives on droplets do not allow them to blow your groundnuts.

3. If you must eat outdoor, eat where Coronavirus preventive measures are observed by vendors and customers. Like social distancing, washing of hands before entering, wearing of facemasks.

4. Do not hug or shake people no matter how intimate you're with the person or how culture demands it. COVID-19 is not a myth.

5. Use Sanitizer or wash your hands before and after Handling the money where transactions can not be done with POS or wire transfers. Eg Public transportation, Markets and bank deposits. 

6. If you must share drinks with someone, share with cups and not place your mouth on the same bottle. The Same applies for cigarette, weed, shisha pipe..etc. 

7. Clean surfaces before using anything, especially in public. 

8. Carry your Bag(s) yourself as your helper may be a COVID_19 carrier without knowing it. The era of Boss is over. 

9. Observe social distancing while talking with people to avoid contacts or touching 

10. If you must touch your eyes, nose, mouth during an activity, wash your hands with soap before starting. Eg. Ablution. 

11. Treat evey nylon and water- resistance objects like biscuit nylons, moi moi foils, etc as contaminated and wash your hands with soap immediately after use.

12. Health experts say that Coronavirus Pathogens releases upto 80,000 droplets in the air for hours that might affect the next user if a COVID-19 patient uses the toilet and flushes it without closing it while flushing. So clean the surface before use and close it before flushing. 

13., Do not touch handrails and counter tables in buildings, shops and Keke as you don't know who touched it last.

14. Take your bath before hugging or seating with your family members whenever you return home.

15. Wash your face mask before using it as it may have been contaminated before you bought it and always wash it after use everyday as it may have been contaminated during the day.

Finally, easing lockdown means taking responsibility to protect yourself and your family. You can.

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