Seven Signs your phone has a virus

Unfortunately your phone may still become infected with malware, even if you're taking all the right preventative steps. Here's how to tell if your phone has a virus:

Strange charges on your phone billUnexpected charges may be symptomatic of a virus. Malicious applications can make money by using your phone to send premium text messages or phone calls.

Invasive advertsOverbearing adverts are a sign that you may have adware on your phone. Adware can infect your device with malicious code.

Contacts receiving strange messagesMalware can use your device to send spam texts, which can result in your contacts' devices becoming infected too.

Poor performance – Like a computer, a slowdown in performance is a sure sign of infection.

New applicationsIf new apps appear unexpectedly on your device, a malicious app could be downloading them onto your device. They may contain malware too.

Abnormal data consumption – Malicious applications need to send and receive information from their creators via the internet. Your phone lets you see how much data your apps are consuming; look out for ones that are consuming more than you'd expect.

Noticeable reduction in battery life – Poor battery life could mean that you're using a 'buggy' or badly-written app. However, it can also be a sign that your phone has a virus.

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