Hilarious! Wedding guests narrates their witnessed objections experience at the altar

Writing on anonymous sharing app Whisper, people from around the world have revealed stories of the times they witnessed first-hand people objecting at a wedding.

And while some could barely bring themselves to watch the cringe-worthy moment unfold, others admitted they were 'living for the drama.'

Amongst the most shocking of revelations is one guest who halted proceedings by revealing the groom was a murderer, while another put a stop to the ceremony after discovering the groom was a drug dealer - who has since been put behind bars.

Elsewhere, a heartbroken bride revealed her mother stood up and made an objection at her big day - and she hasn't spoken to her since.

Another, from the US, told how the bride's sister objected at the wedding - before unveiling the groom was a drug dealer. It turns out, she had a valid point

Another, from the US, witnessed a groomsman object before he confessed his feelings for the bride. Awkward!

One mortified wedding guest, from an unknown location, revealed her father halted proceedings at her mother's wedding - because he wasn't over her

One wedding guest, from an unknown location, revealed she stopped her friend's wedding because the groom was a murderer

Another, from the US, told how she was 'living for' the drama when the bride's mother-in-law objected to the wedding going ahead.

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