Help! My Affair with a married man has ruined my life!

Good day COB, 

I need your advice and want you to help me post this.

I am totally confused. I don’t know if I deserve what’s happening to me right now or not. People are free to judge me but I need an honest advice on what what to do before I commit murder. 😭😭

I was having an affair with a married man. Although he promised me marriage . I accepted him because he was helping my family out so much.  I am from a poor background. He told me that his wife has been an unable to give him a male child and that  she has four girls for him. He promised that if I can give birth to male child for him that he will marry me and change the life of my family.

After  months I got pregnant for him and we went for an ultrasound scan and they detected that I was carrying a baby boy. We became happy and out of excitement the father of my child rented an apartment for me. So when it was time for me to give birth I was in labour for 3 days, because of it my mother went to see a spiritualist. The spiritualist told my mother that the man's wife is not happy with me after that he told my mother to perform some rituals which my mother did and after that ,I gave birth successfully only to see a baby girl to my greatest surprise. Later the doctor informed me that the child has a down syndrome 😢😢. 

As soon as my baby’s father saw her he left us in the hospital and I never saw him again. Ever since then I have been suffering with the child. The baby is three months old now. Last week I went to the man's house to plead with him to be taking care of the child's welfare or I will drop the child in his house. The man said that he can't father a child like this that she is not his daughter. When I attempted to drop the baby the wife came out and said that I must leave with the baby that she can't take care of another woman's child. 

Ever since then i feel like killing the baby and myself. Please I need an advice because tears has been my food for the past few months now.😭😭😭

Please dear readers drop in your advice for her.

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